September 2011

Being a part of the Farmington Kil’s family is the best decision my father could have made for me. As a little girl, I was timid and constantly teased for my weight. But throughout my years of training, I gained an abundant amount of self-confidence as I worked toward the best shape of my life, while learning practical and effective self-defense.

The friendly atmosphere allows everyone to feel at home and provides for a comfortable and fun learning environment, whether that be through a vigorous work-out or technique training. I love the different teaching styles of the instructors because it provides for well-rounded training with many different learning opportunities.

The self-defense is the best I have seen. It has been drilled into my head and I am very confident in protecting myself. The techniques are simple and effective. Our self-defense seminars, hosted twice a year by tenth-degree Grand Master Sang Sop Kil, are a must because they allow students to brush up on their skills while providing non-students with the ability to defend themselves if they were to be attacked.

Four years ago, I was offered a job instructing classes. It has blessed me more than I ever thought possible. I was able to share my love and knowledge for Tae Kwon Do with other students. Working with children has allowed me to appreciate the small things in life. As I have helped them grow,looking back, they have surprisingly helped me grow as well. Having the opportunity to see a child’s smile and joy after accomplishing something significant is a gift in itself, but knowing you were a part of the process is an experience I am so privileged to have had. Additionally, extending my knowledge to the adults has helped me mature and grow as well. Even as a young blackbelt instructor, I felt appreciated and loved what I was doing.

Master Jack and Mrs. K are a combination you cannot find anywhere else. They have a unique balance that allows classes to be fun while ensuring a proper standard of discipline is met. Mrs. K helped guide me to become the person I am today. She pushes students to achieve the most success they can. She handles the office and keeps everything running smoothly. Master Jack could not compliment her better. I have never met a man who is so warm-hearted and genuine. He doesn’t look at his business as a job, but as an opportunity to help others. His love for Tae Kwon Do is instantly apparent. He is adored by his students and is the best Master we could ever ask for. His outlook on life is one I value deeply and I am so thankful for all the life-lesson he has taught me. I could never thank them enough for providing me with so many opportunities like being part of such a great school. I now consider them my own mom and dad and could not be luckier to have them in my life.

Furthermore, Kil’s Tae Kwon Do has also become family to me.The knowledge acquired and experiences I have been blessed with guarantee TaeKwon Do will always be a part of my life.

Erin Lienhardt

September 2011

I have been a member of Kil’s Tae Kwon Do since 2008. My son and I came to Kil’s upon the recommendation of a friend that had been to several different martial arts studios. He recommended Kil’s in Farmington because of the family friendly atmosphere. My friend was absolutely correct about this. What began as a place where my son could learn self defense, soon became a place where at the age of 46 I too became hooked. Master Kittenger is a fourth degree black belt that is so enthusiastic about tae kwon do, and so inviting and encouraging that I decided to try the sport. It became an activity that my son and I enjoyed together. Master Kittinger has created a school that is a reflection of his own personality. The other instructors that he uses are very friendly, supportive, encouraging, knowledgeable and skillful. I have benefited greatly from my experience with Master Kittenger. I have found Kil’s to be a place where I have achieved improved health through better physical fitness, experienced a sense of accomplishment as I advance and improve my skills in Tae Kwon Do, and importantly enjoy many wonderful people including Master Kittenger and his wife Mrs. K, many incredible instructors and helpers, and an untold number of friendly enthusiastic students. I highly recommended Kil’s Tae Kwon Do in Farmington and Master Kittenger for kids and adults of all ages.

Howard Zuckerman

Master Jack has been a great inspiration, is a great motivator, gentle, yet knows how to persevere in order to encourage his students to train on a regular basis. My story on how I became a black belt would say it all. My son was 4 when he started training under Master Jack. I would sit along with my daughter (2 yr old) and watch my son. Master Jack involved the parents in self-defense, once a while, showing some techniques. I got tired of sitting and watching and decided to give a try during one of my son’s classes. Master Jack welcomed me and that was my decision-making day. I, officially became a Kils Taekwondo student, 3 days later, when I could finally get off the bed recovering from soreness. Master Jack was always very flexible with schedules, and let the parents train with their kids, which worked out great for me and many other parents who followed my lead. I was always afraid of sparring and getting hurt. But Master Jack pursued stating that he would make sure that It will be light. I was worse than a 12 yr old sparring and afraid to spar the kids, let alone the adults. The timings did not work out for me. I, casually, mentioned to Master Jack, if we could spar during early morning hours. With his love for Taekwondo and his passion to teach his students and make them better, Master Jack enthusiastically agreed to train me in sparring during morning hours. Just a few days ago, I sparred a Third Degree Blackbelt in a tournament under his guidance and had no fear at all. All the credit for this training goes to Master Jack.


Dear Mr.& Mrs.Kittinger and all instructors and students: I will start by saying I had a wonderful time there as a student and aiding in instruction with other students. I began my training as a student mid-summer of 2008. Upon entering the school, I had a very little understand of taekwondo and even smaller understanding of self-defense in general. However, my willingness to learn was just the opposite. I am always in the mood to better myself and I strive to do just that every day. Kil’s Taekwondo helped me greatly in understanding my mental and physical capabilities it possesses when it came to self-defense and self-confidence.

I remember my first day as a student were I met Master Jack kittinger and I was taught instantly the basics of Taekwondo and what it means to be a student in the art. Every week after that, I continued to come to class and little by little I trained myself with the guidance of all my instructors (Mr.&Mrs. Kittinger, Mr.Nelson, Mrs. Lienhardt, Mr.LaPree, Mr. George and many more) that challenged and pushed me to become a 2nd Gup; Junior Red Belt within the year’s time I attended. I am deeply grateful for their efforts and the passion that they brought to the Do’jang every single day. That passion is what made me realize that one day, I want to become an instructor of martial arts so that I can someday teach what I have learned just as they have done for me.

I want to close by saying that I really appreciate everyone’s warm welcome that was given everyday of class, the dedication to the students from all the instructors and the respectfulness that was shown to me over the course of the year I was there. I am really looking forward to continuing my training next summer after school.

Mackenzie Crandall

Dear Master Jack, When I was offered a job by Master Jack and Mrs. K, I didn’t realize how big a gift this would turn out to be. It is the best job because I had so much fun at work but also learned so much while working. There is never a moment I do not miss it terribly, especially now that college and real world employment looms before me.

Speaking practically, Master jack has taught me the best self defense that I believe martial arts has to offer. He even hosts Grandsmaster sang Sup Kil’s world class self defense seminars for everyone to attend. Grandmaster’s self defense is ridiculously effective. Speaking form experience, it works very well.

I started at Kil’s Tae Kwon Do at the begining of my freshman year in high school. Four or so years later, Kil’s was less of a martial arts school and more of a family for me. The people you find in Kil’s # 9 are likely to be the better people you meet in life. They will have fun with you, they will be your good friends, they will kick you in the head if you forget to keep your hands up while sparring, they will work you out hard until you can hardly work the pedals of your car on the way home.

Teaching, however was the greatest part of my experience. My students never failed to bring joy to even my worst days. For that very reason, every student should work as hard as they can for the same opportunity I got to work as an instructor. I cannot stress enough how incredible an experience it is.

Even though I’m away at college, I try at every opportunity to return to Kil’s. Any future involvement with martial arts will certainly be at the influence that Master Jack, Mrs.K, and everyone at Kil’s# had on me.

Tony Franklin

Dear Master Kittinger, After many years of competition in multiple sports, I needed to find a sport where I could be active yet structured. Several knee surgeries limited my ability to participate in such sports as basketball or even running.
I have been a member of your Tae Kwon Do school now for almost 6 years.  During that time I have lost over 40 pounds (and kept it off), achieved a second degree Black Belt and met several friends.
I look forward to participating in Tae Kwon Do for the forseeable future and would recommend both the sport and your school to anyone wanting to try it out.

Steve Reff
Age 55

Dear Master Kittinger, I have been training at your school for a little after 12 months now after leaving Tae Kwon Do as a blue belt almost 15 year ago. Over the past year I have had the opportunity to volunteer with the kids class and it is amazing to see how much Tae Kwon Do changes their lives.  Kils school in Farmington offers the best environment to children and an over all family atmosphere that I have not seen in most all schools I have had the pleasure to visit.  Personally over the past year I have earned the rank of Bodan and through the studies at your school I have been able to improve my cardio and my over all health losing 50lbs.  Time at your school has offered me new friends, new family and greater discipline in my personal and business life.  My 7 year old daughter (Madison) is also enrolled in your school and I have hopes that my little 3 year old can play a part soon to. 3 months after joining Tae Kwon Do Madison has improved in school going from an average student to an above average reader, she has also built a confidence level that I have not ever seen in her.  The family time together and sharing an interest in Tae Kwon Do has brought me closer to my family and I am a true believe of a “family who kicks together, stays together”.  I look forward to every member in my family becoming black belts through Kils of Farmington because your dedication to the art and to our future is important in reaching this goal.

Michael LaPree

Dear Jack, My children and I started Tae Kwon Do in 9/07.  We were looking for a sport/activity that we could do together as a family.  TKD teaches discipline, respect, and the importance of setting and achieving personal goals.  Our current goal is for each of us to attain the rank of black belt.  I have seen dramatic improvement in my children’s coordination and self respect.  When they compete and win at the local tournaments, the pride and personal satisfaction they experience is very rewarding.  When they lose, they know they gave their best effort, show good sporsmanship, and strive to win at the next tournament.
Our success in TaeKwonDo is largely due to our excellent teacher, coach, and friend, Master Jack Kittinger.  His unlimited patience working with, and training the younger students is amazing.  He instills in them a sense of pride, integrity, and discipline while teaching the philosophy and techniques of TKD.  As an adult student, I appreciate Master Kittinger’s individual attention as I learn Poomsae (Forms), sparring, and self defense techniques.  Master Kittinger keeps his school clean with an open, friendly atmosphere.  The class schedule accomodates our busy lives and gives us an opportunity to train together because “A FAMILY THAT KICKS TOGETHER…STICKS TOGETHER”

I. Nordan,
2nd Geup
Red Belt

December 18, 2007

Dear Master Kittinger, I am writing this letter to express my thanks and gratitude to you, Mrs. Kittinger and Grand Master Kil. Kil’s Tae Kwon Do schools and the instructors are of the highest quality and professional integrity. The school’s are family oriented with great personal and family values. As you know, I have been involved in the martial arts for many years and at the time that I wanted my daughter and I to start training the atmosphere of the school was one of the important aspects I was looking for. Your’s and Grand Master Kil’s teachings are of the highest quality. You have trained my daughter, Erin, to be able to defend herself and others as well as put her on the road of champions. Tae Kwon Do will always be part of Erin’s life as well as her children. I will be with Kil’s TKD for the rest of my life. I appreciate the care you show in my health. I consider you my friend as well as my Master instructor.

I will always recommend our schools to anyone. I think that women in particular should join and train at our schools or at least sign up for the self-defense classes.

David Lienhardt